Yodanka Pavlivska

Mineral water logo and corporate identity

Create a new identity for the brand of mineral water.

Jodanka Pavlivska — brand of mineral water enriched with natural iodine. It is spilled in Volyn region, in the town of Pavlivka for more than 20 years. Since then, the logo, corporate identity and label have not been updated.

Pavlivska Brewery has a deep history dating back to 1904. The main and most well-known brewery’s product is live beer, so we united all products of the company under the flagship «Pavlivske». Designed an individual font and carried a strip for all of the Yodanka’s branded products.

Art-director: Andrii Shumchuk
Designers: Kate Jacuszek, Anton Shmelev
Project managers: Nastia Shevchuk, Anneta Kononets