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Besides strollers, Anex produces many accessories, that simplify everyday parents live. Now you can find all of them in special section.

We wanted to make the catalog of accessories as simple as possible and we did it. The page came out clean and not obsessive. All the attention is attracted to the photos of accessories. And some of them were grouped by season or type.

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A detailed description and characteristics of each accessory can be found on the inside page. The color of the background of each first photo is the same as the color of the box in which this accessory is sold.

Anex has been helping parents every day for more than 5 years, and during this time there has been a wealth of information that we want to share. To do this, we created a blog that regularly presents articles on a wide variety of topics.

Each of them corresponds to a certain #hashtag. So you can easily find the most interesting for you.

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We made a blog in the form of a never-ending page, the user who read the article to the end, is immediately offered similar articles with the same #hashtag, and flipping further we seem to fall back to the main page of the blog. Magic, guys, web magic.

Choose accessories and read articles in the subway, in the queue, in your bad, actually anywhere, but please, not while you are driving the car. We love to surf our websites on the tablets, so we spend a lot of time adapting them.

Art-director: Vasyl Yaremii
Designer: Paul Vashchuk
Developers: Ira Dmytruk, ideil.
Project manager: Oleh Novosad

June 6, 2018