Anex Сross Safari

Anex Сross Safari

Promo video of baby stroller

To create video of the new Anex Cross series.

Within the advertising campaign for the new model range of Anex 2017 strollers, videos were filmed in Spain with models Jeff and Claudia.

We chose Cross Safari for the couple, which stands out with a laconic design and topical color. The harmonious image of the well-chosen colors makes you to click play button more than once. The tender story and the perfect location are filled with romance. Ease is felt in every move, look. This is how we see the Cross Safari from the new Anex collection.

Director: Andrii Yaruchyk
Camera operator: Vova Shtun
Film editor: Vova Shtun
Stylist: Ania Samojlova
Producer: Oksana Pavelchyk
Project manager: Lilia Padaliuk

October 2, 2017