Anex Discovery

Anex Discovery

Teaser for a new stroller collection

To make a teaser video for the new collection of baby strollers.

Anex Discovery is a new collection of baby strollers for parents who love to travel with their children. There are only two models in it: Orange Sunset and Green Safari. Each of them has an embroidered elephant, a symbol of the entire collection.

We decided to keep on the travelling theme, immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of adventure. We filled the frames of strollers with images from safari and jungle.They change each other in a wild rhythm. You can feel the energy of wildlife.

The teaser is built on the game of shadows and light. Light helps us to highlight the important moments, shadows — to save the intrigue.

Director: Andrii Yaruchyk
Camera operator: Vova Krasylov
Film editor: Mykyta Manolov
Сolorist: Mykyta Manolov
Sound editor: Mykyta Manolov
Stylist: Ania Samoilova
Producer: Oksana Pavelchyk
Project manager: Lilia Padaliuk

November 6, 2017