Anex Discovery

Anex Discovery

Video of a new collection of baby strollers

Take a video of baby strollers new collection.

To inspire parents to travel more with their children, Anex released a collection of Discovery strollers. There are only two models in it: Orange Sunset and Green Safari.

Walking elephants are the symbol of new collection. Embroidered on a hood, they constantly remind parents of new achievements and push them to adventure.

The names of the models are very eloquent. They draw a bright living picture in their heads, create an environment. We decided to recreate this environment in the video and put strollers in it. Everything was filmed using Chroma Key.

Director: Yulia Yatsun
Camera operator: Mykyta Manolov
Film editors: Vova Krasylov, Mykyta Manolov
Sound man: Mykyta Manolov
Stylists: Ania Samojlova, Nataliia Novitskaia
Producer: Oksana Pavelchyk
Project manager: Lilia Padaliuk

November 21, 2017