Baby strollers manufacturer fabrics catalogue

To create catalogue of fabrics for baby strollers manufacturer.

Anex is a manufacturer of baby strollers from Poland. The company pays great attention to the choice of materials for sewing sets of strollers. Every year, Anex completely updates the colors and materials of its collections. They needed a catalogue of fabrics for company representatives.

We created not just a catalogue with pieces of cloth and leather. We decided to bring emotions and feelings to, as usual, boring topic. Gather emotional collages that inspire, combine with our own nature. We believe that if someone likes red, blue or yellow, then this is not just that simple. We believe that these colors are in harmony with the soul.

Some of the images were taken from available online sources. For each such image there is a source link.

Director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Photographer: Roma Sardak
Retacher: Roma Sardak
Designers: Olia Lytvyn, Kate Jacuszek
Project manager: Anneta Kononets
Copywriter: Serhii Neskazhu

March 15, 2017