Anex x Jacob

Anex x Jacob

Promo video of baby stroller

To shoot promo video of a new baby stroller.

Anex x Jacob — a joint work of the Polish designer Jakob Birdzha and Anex. Jacob created a stroller design: he used a geological print, made a glossy bottom. The stroller was restrained, but bright. We needed to take a video about it.

For that, we took a trip to Spain. There is no difficulty in finding a good location and in March it is already warm enough.

Anex x Jacob is a city stroller, so we filmed it on the streets.To create a feeling of frozen time and give the viewer time to look at the stroller closer, we did everything in slow-motion. Also, we decided once the stroller is black and white, then the video should be made black and white.

Director: Andrii Yaruchyk
Camera operator: Vova Shtun
Film editor: Mykyta Manolov
Sound editor: Mykyta Manolov
Stylist: Ania Samoilova
Producer: Oksana Pavelchyk
Project manager: Lilia Padaliuk

20 September 2017