Newspaper for the manufacturer of baby strollers

Create a newspaper for the exhibition.

Every year an exhibition of children’s goods Kids’ Time takes place in Kielce. This is one of the largest events in the industry in Europe. Manufacturers from all over the world gather here to find new partners, see what’s new from competitors and show what interesting they have.

Anex decided to make a newspaper to give people more information about the brand. And share the news with those who already know it.

We made an interesting newspaper for eight pages. With photos, infographics, mother pages from Instagram.There is information about new strollers and future collections, about materials and technologies used by the manufacturer. And about the lives of the mothers who chose Anex. Everything in order not to let the reader fall asleep.

Director: Andrii Shumchuk
Designer: Olia Lytvyn
Copywriter: Serhii Neskazhu
Project manager: Anneta Kononets

February 16, 2017