Anex Sport Arch R

Anex Sport Arch R

Promo video of baby stroller

To create video of the new Anex Sport series.

Discreet colors and actual prints, practical functionality and quality materials — all this about the new model range of Anex 2017 baby strollers.

It was important to show new models of strollers and their advantages, but not to forget about the emotional component.
Spain was chosen for filming. The team worked out a huge pre-production work: searching locations, selecting models and creating images.

As a result, we got an emotional, stylistically well thought out video story that shows the updated styling design and its functionality.

Director: Andrii Yaruchyk
Camera operator: Vova Shtun
Film editor: Vova Shtun
Stylist: Ania Samojlova
Producer: Oksana Pavelchyk
Project manager: Lilia Padaliuk

April 11, 2017