Voynarovskiy Clinic

Voynarovskiy Clinic

Website of the dental clinic in Odessa

Voynarovskiy Clinic is a dental clinic in Odessa, providing a full range of services for protective therapy, diagnostics and teeth treatment. Only the latest technologies are used in the clinic, allowing to apply painless and comfortable treatment. Firstly, we updated the logo. The new logo symbolizes a letter V («Voynarovskiy») that also resembles geolocation marker, meaning that you should cure your teeth exactly by Voynarovskiy. On the website pages we have used bright images, animations: each detail tells about a clinic’s innovative approach towards everything.

Follow to website dental-clinic.od.ua

The home page includes information about sales, discounts, feedbacks, a map and contact details. We have also added a smile to the logo — just to cheer up customers.

Every doctor has a page with personal information, where we introduce professional experience history. Also you can sign up for an appointment or leave a feedback. Experienced doctors post various articles for the patients, where they tell how to look after your teeth, what latest innovations and treatment methods are there in the clinic.

A user should get a desire to have a look what is there, on other pages, find out more about the services, team of doctors, feedbacks, prices and simply sign up for an appointment by telephone, tablet or laptop.

All pages are adjusted to the latest devices.

Art-director: Vasyl Yaremii
Designer: Paul Vashchuk
Developers: Eugene Anakin, Vadim Gorbonos
Project manager: Oleh Novosad

1 May 2017