Dmytruk. Grill

Dmytruk. Grill

Website mock-ups for sausage manufacturer

To create website mock-ups for sausage manufacturer.

Dmytruk. Grill produces grilled sausages by its own recipe and treats them at the events from their grill van. Dmytruk. Grill van often can be seen on weddings, company parties and different festivals. It is booked to feed guests with delicious barbecue sausages.

We had to make a brand-friendly website design. The corporate identity of the brand consists of coal-black background with fiery-yellow accents. In design we followed this style and used the same colors.

Assembled and populated by the client —

Behind the words on the main page we hid short videos. The website is divided into two parts. One is about sausages, another about catering.

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Designer: Stepan Guz
Developers: Wetelo
Project managers: Polina Shipunova, Oleh Novosad

March 21, 2017