Dmytruk. Kabanosy

Dmytruk. Kabanosy

Kabanosy website mock-ups

To create a website design for true kabanosy.

Kabanosy is another project of Dmytruk company. Supermeat product, which is convenient to taste anywhere, anytime! They have really a lot of meat, no dyes and additives. Also, there is a convenient packaging in which sausages do not spoil even after two months without a refrigerator.

We made a colorful website for Kabanosy that showed why it is suitable to take them for a short trip or for a long journey. And the main thing — they are nourishing! Always and everywhere!

There is also information about different types of Kabanosy and explained how they are being made. Kabanosy has a special cooking technique. To get 100 grams of Kabanosy you need 185 grams of pure meat. Therefore they are called the first true Kabanosy.

Assembled and populated by the client —

Art-director: Vasyl Yaremii
Designer: Paul Vashchuk
Developers: Wetelo
Project manager: Oleh Novosad

March 20, 2018