Serhiy Fedula Gastrolab

Serhiy Fedula Gastrolab

Gastronomic website mock-ups

Create a website design for chef.

Serhiy Fedula is a chef. He organizes food tours, develops menu for restaurants, events and holidays. If you have a birthday and you want to surprise guests with dishes — you turn to Sergei. In his project, Serhiy Fedula Gastrolab, chef gathers gourmets and cooks for them dishes made by author’s recipe. Something similar to the «Zvana Vecheria» (TV show where host invites people and cooks for them), only in the kitchen is always Serhiy. Every time he prepares five new dishes.

For Serhiy we made a website design. There we collected all information about chef. In general, only gastronomy.

Assembled and populated by the client —

In the mobile version animation is replaced by statics. Also we decided instead of hamburger menu (it is a button placed typically in a top corner of graphical interface), use the slide menu.

Art-director: Vasyl Yaremii
Designer: Paul Vashchuk
Developers: Wetelo
Project manager: Ira Serediuk

May 29, 2017