Karabas Barabas

Karabas Barabas

Brewery logo

Design logo for brewery.

Karabas Barabas — is a bad guy in a fairy tale about Buratino. He is harsh, scary, with a huge mouth and a long beard. Also, Karabas Barabas is a brewery located in the shopping center «Buratino» in Lutsk. Here you can taste live beer, watch football matches and visit concerts.

When we were asked to make a logo for the establishment, we decided to build a story behind a wicked guy from a fairy tale.

We draw a solid character with a red nose and a long beard. Such are usually afraid but respected. Created a handwritten sign with the name of pub.

But there is nothing to be mad about, in «Karabas» food is always delicious and beer is always served.

Designer: Sviatoslav Kononets
Illustrator: Andrey Lukovnikov
Project manager: Anneta Kononets

January 30, 2012