Identity for baby products store

KL Servis is a Belorussian store of baby products that offers the latest new and used strollers; not only do they sell, but also buy old strollers. Web-site of the store is now in the developing stage. We have designed quite a simple, uncomplicated design. The target audience of the store is young families with babies or expecting families. That is why, our task is to create a bright logo that will be easily memorable and will show the main operating direction — baby products. We have chosen bright colors — pink, light-blue and blue that naturally symbolize babies and baby products.

Moreover, for the logo to fit the offline store and attract visitors’ attention successfully, we have designed schedule signs, business cards, cups, name tags, gift certificates and discount cards.

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Designer: Andriy Shumchuk
Project manager: Oleh Novosad

December 16, 2016