Online-shop of children goods

Design mockups for a baby store website.

KL Servis — Belarusian online-shop of children goods. Here parents buy strollers, car seats, cribs, drawers and more. In Minsk, the brand has its own store and service center. If something breaks, they will fix it.

Also, KL Servis accepts second hand and sells it at their own site. This helps parents to return some of the money for the clothes that the child has already grown from. Or purchase not a new thing and save.

We designed templates for desktop and mobile versions of the website.

Go to klservis.by

The website sells new things and things from the commission store. To make parents clearly understand where are the new clothes and where are old, we put the categories in two columns and picked up background color for each. Every service is displayed in a separate section. This helps to quickly find what you are looking for. In addition, there is a work schedule of the store — such happiness is rarely seen.

Art Director: Vasyl Yaremii
Designer: Natasha Augustinuk
Developer: Jenia Enakin
Managers: Oleg Novosad, Ira Serediuk, Dima Geluta

October 20, 2017