Stand and materials for the exhibition in Geneva

To prepare the company for an exhibition in Geneva.

Modern Expo is a leader in production of commercial equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. The company supplies equipment to 60 countries. It works with Nestlé, Auchan, Pepsico, Gazprom, Metro, British American Tobacco and Carrefour.

In autumn, Modern-Expo was to introduce a new post machine with cooling stacks at the Post-Expo 2017 in Geneva. To make everything done in time, we were asked for help. We offered two concepts for the design of the exhibition stand: cafe-style and in the loft style with two floor post machines.

Designed and developed a landing page, which briefly tells about the manufacturer and announces the exhibition. Made a newspaper about the company and its products.Designed a postcard with the post machine image on it, drew an advertisement banner in the magazine. Thought about of what an invitation should look like.

Also, we made a video about new post machine. It was shown at Modern-Expo pavilion and was presented to the clients together with a flash drive.

In reality it looked like this.

The metal invitations to the exhibition were sent to potential clients in advance.

Visitors got more information about the company from the newspaper.

Art-directors: Andrii Shumchuk, Sviatoslav Kononets, Andrii Yaruchyk
Designers: Olia Lytvyn, Anton Shmelev, Kate Jacuszek, Andrii Shumchuk
Copywriter: Serhii Neskazhu
Project manager: Olia Kurylo

September 26, 2017