Pan Kurchak

Pan Kurchak

Agro-industrial group identity

To redesign existing brand of frozen chicken.

«Pan Kurchak» is a company that grows broilers and sells poultry meat. It has six farms in Volyn region, that give 14 million chickens per year. «Pan Kurchak» grows feed for poultry by itself: corn, wheat, barley. It monitors that the chickens eat well and get enough vitamins.

The old logo was well-known and recognizable. We could not throw out the previous logo and put a new one instead. It would be more harmful to the company than helping. That’s why, we did not make a logo from scratch, but only updated and refreshed the old one.

A new corporate identity was built based on the new logo. Designed forms, business cards, envelopes and T-shirts. The rules of using colors, fonts, versions of the logo, as well as recommendations for the design of informational and promotional materials, business documentation and other brand carriers of the company collected in the brandbook.

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Designers: Sviatoslav Kononets, Olia Lytvyn
Project manager: Anneta Kononets

February 3, 2016