Company identity update

Since 2007 "Sistema" is successful player on the market of accepting payments through self-service terminals.

We had an aim to refresh the company identity, create the the reputation of more modern player with prospective to enter the international market. Also to create the image which will convey the mood of the company, positive and liveliness.

Previous logo had a smile so we decided to expand it and use it in a different way. We made the writing in Latin. Then we saw that the first three letters looks like the eyes and we added a smile to this part. So we received the smile which is comfortable to transform.

Through it the communication with people is provided, which makes interaction with the product more pleasant and warmer. Friendly smile shows the desire of the company to communicate with the client, to give positive emotions in everyday things.

Art Director:Vasyl Yaremii
Senior Designer: Andrii Shumchuk
Strategist: Victoriia Lushchyk
Account Manager: Olga Kurylo, Ira Serediuk

June 19, 2019