Industrial sewing equipment store

Softorg deals with consignment, repair and maintenance of professional sewing equipment. The company provides equipment of more than 53 manufacturers, designs working places of various sizes starting from a small tailor’s shop, ending up with a huge sewing factory since 1999. Here is the atmosphere of factory working process.

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For demonstrativeness we visualized the information about the company and provided it through infographics. Graphical data submission about the company is easily perceived by users, without any extra details. Also we have added a video with the company’s working process.

We have created a dropdown list of categories for easy access to any type of product. We have marked out special offers (promotional events, product of the week) and sales. All the necessary information is presented on the product page while numerous characteristics are grouped and provided in tables. The product of the week is highlighted with bright pages design.

There are separate pages dedicated to news and articles: here, Softorg workers share reports about the latest events, company’s achievements, and innovations. We have also designed separate pages with the information about company’s operating process, awards, feedback and working principle. Another entire page is devoted to company’s promo-videos from various events.

The website is adjusted to the resolution of different devices for the user to be able to find necessary information, access the site from tablet or mobile phone.

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Designers: Stepan Guz, Paul Vashchuk
Developers: Ira Dmitruk, Sergey Mironets
Project manager: Oleh Novosad

January 3, 2017