Create a new brand for baby mattresses manufacturer

About brand
We were contacted by a company that manufactures mattresses for children from 0-3 years old. They know exactly which coconut cover to choose from and from what age foam should be “memory”. They do understand on production technology and materials. Our task was to create a new brand and bring it to the global market.

What does a mother want?
Adults go shopping for hours choosing orthopedic mattresses, evaluating materials, layers and stiffness. They lie on the mattress to understand their feelings. But what is important for mother while choosing mattress for her baby? Comes out that they know that mattress should be firm, with coconut filling. They just do not understand how different models of mattresses affect their health. Therefore, they buy the one that suits the baby crib. Mom knows that the mattress needs to be a decent one and the manufacturer knows how to make it so. So the main idea of the brand – the correct filling. The future mother should be told that with words and images.

Sonto in words
New brand needs a new name. Guided by the idea of "sleeping should be correct", the name Sonto was created and the slogan "Sonto – the proper filling of a dream".

Sonto in images
We have created an identity that reflects the brand's idea and emotion. The logo is simple in form, the letters "o" emphasize that the main things are inside. These are two sides of the mattress that cover the filling. The two "o" are the smiles and eyes of the child. We created character “Sontic” to help mothers to find what mattrase they need. There are four Sontics: Drimik, Latix, Holofix, Memorik. They differ from each other. One contains latex, another - with a memorial effect. Depending on the features, the Sontics appearance varies. It's easier for moms to choose a beautiful and correct mattress.

Creative Director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Art Director:Vasyl Yaremii
Designer: Vadim Savula, Karina Khomyak
Motion Designer: Mykhailo Korolchuk
Strategist: Anastasia Shevchuk, Victoriia Lushchyk, Mariia Salahan, Diana Voloshchenko
Copywriter: Yuliya Martsinkevich
Account Manager: Kate Klymchuk, Olga Kurylo

May 31, 2019