Residential complex advertising campaign

Announce that a new residential complex is being built.

«Supernova» is a residential complex of eight buildings, located near the river and the botanic garden. This is a sub-district, spread over an area of 5.6 hectares and designed for two thousand people. There is a mini-supermarket, a pharmacy, a laundry, a beauty salon, a cafe and a gym. In order for everyone in the city to know about it, we needed to develop an advertising campaign.

«Supernova» had a lot of advantages among the rest of the residential complexes, that were built at the same time in Lutsk. It looked better, had a good infrastructure, multi-level protection and was located in a green zone. It was obvious that we should talk about the strengths. But to wrap everything in a way to create an intrigue and cause a rush. We decided to give each advantage a number and during the first stage show only stylized numbers. During the second — to disclose all the benefits.

The plan was: to intrigue in the beginning, to invite people to solve a riddle. Then — give an answer.

All the information about benefits of Supernova, planning of apartments and stages of construction is collected in the catalogue.

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets, Andrii Yaruchyk
Designer: Olia Lytvyn
Project manager: Anneta Kononets

March 16, 2016