Investment fund identity

U.Ventures is an international investment fund that invests into the start-ups of long-sighted entrepreneurs, impacting our lives and creating new and daring projects. While creating a logo, we understood that in this sphere the merchandise should be strict and modest — unembellished. However, we decided to add a bit of creative stuff to make brand stand out of the crowd. Black letters on white background — totally iconic and only the first letter differs from others with its cyan background. In this way, the logo shows to entrepreneurs that the fund is ready for cooperation with ambitious people and advancing businessmen.

This has become our core idea — a serious fund that is not afraid of being different. This major thought was chosen as a basement of the corporate style. We have created pencils and pens, name tags and business cards, letterforms and folders, envelopes and bags, notepads and T-shirts in a single strict style and in the same colors: black, white and cyan.

Art-director: Andriy Shumchuk
Designers: Andriy Shumchuk, Kate Yatsushek
Project manager: Anneta Kononets

July 18, 2017