Volcons Group

Volcons Group

Logo for construction company

Create a logo for construction company.

Volcons Group is a subsidiary company of Lutsksantechmontage. This is a construction contractor with 55 years of experience and a loyal price policy. Company decided to enter the Polish market as a contractor and in the future to work there as a construction company. Here, in the studio, a new logo was created.

Cube is the basis of the logo. It resembles a concrete block from which any construction begins. The combination of red and white is common for the symbols of Poland and Volyn region, an area in which the company has been operating for over half a century. The same combination has become branded for Volcons.

Art-director: Andrii Shumchuk
Designer: Andrii Shumchuk
Project manager: Kate Klymchuk

November 23, 2017