Yodanka Pavlivska

Yodanka Pavlivska

Mineral water brand identity

Develop a new corporate identity for brand of mineral water.

Yodanka Pavlivska — mineral water enriched with natural iodine. It is poured out in a Pavlivka town, in Volyn region, at «Pavlivske brewery» for almost 20 years. Since then, the logo, corporate style and label have never been updated.

«Pavlivske brewery» has been operating since 1904. Today, not only beer is brewed here, but «Yodanka» is spilled as well. We combined both products under one brand — «Pavlivske». We created a independent logo for it.

We offered 4 samples of logo to choose from. Each was discussed with the client and the third one was chosen for final work out.

We designed a unique font and drew an «iodized» stripe for all the branded products of Yodanka.

Art-director: Andrii Shumchuk
Designers: Kate Jacuszek, Anton Shmelev
Project managers: Nastia Shevchuk, Anneta Kononets

August 17, 2017