Yodanka Pavlivska

Yodanka Pavlivska

Mineral water brand website

Develop an entertaining website for mineral water brand.

Yodanka Pavlivska — mineral water enriched with natural iodine. It is poured out in a Pavlivka town since 1996. Over the past year Yodanka has changed a lot. At the same time, website was stuck in the past and was detached from the updated brand. We needed to fix that.

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Yodanka is much more useful than ordinary mineral water because of strengthens iodine. It strengthens immunity, helps to concentrate, protects the body from illnesses. We thought, why purchase an ordinary mineral water if there is all the same and even more benefits in Yodanka.

So we started to talk about this on the website explaining why you should take it to work, school, rest or trip. Interesting and not boring. In order for everyone to try at least once.

Art-director: Vasyl Yaremii
Photographer: Roma Sardak
Developers: Jenia Enakin, Ruslan Pavlovskyi
Retachers: Roma Sardak, Olia Baranova
Designer: Mik Korolchuk
Copyrighter: Serhii Neskazhu
Project Manager: Oleh Novosad

September 14, 2017