Advertising campaign for sausage products manufacturer

Increase brand awareness and raise sales at the local level.

On the New Year’s eve demand for food increases rapidly. The manufacturer of sausage products Zabiyaka decided to use the hype for own purposes and started a challenge. The main prize was Iphone 7. To get it,you should buy sausage, put a check in the box and hope for good luck. The winner was determined the day before New Year.

It should inspire people to talk about it with their relatives and go to the store for sausages.

We came up with an idea about outdoor advertising: combined a sausage and an Iphone symbol — half-eaten apple.It turned out to be not boring and with an idea inside. Launched ads on Facebook to bring people from the web. By doing all this we managed to gather two thousand people on the final day of challenge, triple sales of the brand and teach customers to buy this products.

After the winner was announced, people continued to purchase Zabiyaka, and the brand stayed as best-seller at Tam Tam, a hypermarket where everything was happening.

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Designer: Andrii Shumchuk
Copywriter: Serhii Neskazhu
SMM-specialist: Pavel Tarabarov
Photographer: Roma Sardak
Retacher: Andrii Shumchuk
Project manager: Anastasyia Shevchuk

December 1, 2016