Zabiiaka BBQ

Zabiiaka BBQ

A series of videos

Shoot a series of videos about grilled sausages.

Usually, grilled sausages are eaten with ketchup or mayonnaise. It turns out not so tasty, but you do not have to overthink — squeezed out, dipped and ate. Of course, it is more tasty with the sauce , but it needs to be cooked. If you know several sauce recipes, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

We invited Zabiiaka’s chef to cook six simple sauces according to their own recipe. For everyone could make them at home and no longer used ketchup with mayonnaise. In addition, each sauce must necessarily have its own «Zabiiaka» barbecue.

«Shashlychni» with feta, sour cream and spices


Garlic and dijon mustard sauce for «Munkhenski»


Tomato sauce with honey and greens for «Barbecue»


That’s how you should eat «Frankfurterki»


«Munkhenski z syrom» (with cheese) in spicy tomato sauce


Kabanosy» with mayonnaise sauce, cheese and herbs

Director: Vova Shtun
Camera operator: Vova Shtun
Film editor: Vova Shtun
Project manager: Nastia Shevchuk

July 26, 2016