Website for cement supplier

To create website for cement supplier ZTK

The purpose of the founders of the Western Ukrainian Trading Company (ZTK), representing the young generation of progressively thinking businessmen, is to provide the most comfortable and reliable conditions for cooperation in the field of building materials supply in Western Ukraine, specifically, cement.

For powerful construction business company we have made a stylish and easy to use site. Conveniently structured information about the company, services and products.Horizontal scroller on the home page briefly and clearly acquaints the user with the company. Everything you need to know about cement (price, composition, delivery) is briefly and clearly outlined on the relevant pages.

Go to ztk.in.ua

Art-director: Sviatoslav Kononets
Design: Stepan Guz, Vasyl Yaremii
Development: Roman Khomich, Irina Dmitruk
Project manager: Oleh Novosad

May 15, 2016