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We conduct a marketing analysis, inquire about market situation, study product, consumers and competitors. Also, we develop an appropriate brand model, define its individuality, values and advantages.

By understanding where we are now and where we want to be tomorrow, we begin creating long-term brand development strategy. We look for insights and consumers «preferences.» We create unique asset of your business in consumers’ sight.

Moreover, we choose only the most effective instruments for achieving the desired goals and attempt to fulfill them.

Our instruments for public relation networking:

A little bit more about everything this:

SEO promotion

Communicational digital-strategy — one of the main instruments that helps business develop, using information and technology. Before beginning working, we study and try to perceive consumers’ insight in order to communicate with them on the same language and form an appropriate digital-product. We deal with the development of long-term digital strategies, advancement in the light of market peculiarities, competitors’ environment and current brand position. We fulfill creative concepts, adjusted for the particular marketing instruments as in the frames of long-term concept advancement as for local flights.

Contextual advertising

For users to find your product, they should be interested in it. A person sees an advertisement or a banner, when they type a certain search query. Let us imagine that you sell automobile parts. When someone’s car breaks they search Google which leads to your message. You specify the region, where the advertisement should be spread, set the budget and pay for each click, not for posting.

In 2017, our contextual advertisement department was certified and partnered with Google. It means that we can turn budgets into clients, and in general, we can be trusted.

Contextual advertising

Social media promotion

Appropriate social media marketing strategy will bring new clients, improve the brand trust and save advertising budget. This tool will also allow to receive public’s feedback, understand what people like and what they dislike as well as reach the public that ignores street billboards and doesn’t watch television. Most importantly, this will make the public interested and with the help of appropriate content motivate them to buy.

Reputation control

The things that people write about your company on the Internet influence your actual selling rates. However, it is possible to control the process: eliminate negative feedbacks and increase positive ones. We track all mentionings of the company on the Internet, react to the feedbacks, and make the brand image immaculate. We look after it to prevent tarnished reputation.

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Now it's such a time that we urgently need to increase the number of clients and earn a lot of money. Only the second option is also possible, but we enjoy working.
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