#web development

We create websites to fit your needs. Create one-page or promo websites, catalogues, web portals, corporate websites, online stores with convenient navigation and thousands of users every day. Our websites sell, introduce brands, provide accessible information and remain memorable long after.

For those who are interested: we are working by principle mobile firstand use the latest standards of front end development HTML5, CSS3, JS (ES6). We program with the fastest frameworks YII2 Framework, AngularJS, NodeJS (sails/express) and ReactJS, jQuery libraries. Moreover, we constantly look after the operability of our products.

We create:

What is it made for?


We will suggest to a consumer to make a certain move: follow to the company’s website, subscribe, make a bet, register for a seminar or buy a washing machine. Landing will help gather the consumers contact details, describe you briefly and elegantly, find new clients, present a new idea to consumers and finally, promote you and your company.

Promo website

We will introduce a new brand on a market, present the products, inform about services, sales and other events. Our task is to create a website that will attract attention and present to people the company, products or services easily and attractively. In order to achieve this, we make the website interactive so that users can look around, perceive, test and even try the products on the website; share the link with a friend, show to a colleague, boss, beloved one or add to bookmarks.

Promo website

Online store

We create a website, where users will view, choose and buy a product, giving an opportunity to sell whatever, to whomever and whenever.

We completely think over the entire structure (desktop, mobile) of a website, make user’s path by ourselves before launching the website. We are testing website starting with the design, copywrite, development, programming, ending up with the numbers of system analytics; it is important that the user feels comfortable using the website, so that they could find and buy the product easily.

Thinking in advance is our job as we need to find how to interest a user, either with cross selling, reselling, email and mobile phone collecting or subscription forms.

Few of our websites

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Oh yeah, one more thing!
Now it's such a time that we urgently need to increase the number of clients and earn a lot of money. Only the second option is also possible, but we enjoy working.
Therefore, specially for our future clients, for you, we made this #feedback-form for fast communication with us and a #download-presentation-button for downloading our wonderful presentation. Here they are:
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